Just yesterday we saw that Random Access Memories made Axwell sick when he first heard it, and Diplo wrote a lot of words about the album not too long ago. It's fair to say that Daft Punk's fourth album has been polarizing, but with so many confused or hating on the album, we're not sure if anyone was expecting Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington to link up as Daftside and go in on the project. It doesn't sound like anything we'd expected, but it's some kind of brilliant. Jaar's unique style fits the androids / space-y motif, almost as if this is what Random Access Memories would have sounded like if the androids found some weird space acid to ingest before going in with their new one. It's exciting, it's trippy, and it's definitely weird. Wrap your head around Random Access Memories Memories and let us know what you think.

(Pigeons & Planes)