Miley Cyrus just wants to "continue to do music." In the wake of her recent release of "We Can't Stop," which unsurprisingly did numbers (about 10 million views in 24 hours), Miley dropped by Hot 97 to discuss the motivations surrounding her twerk culture influence, among other things (like her album). 

Just so you know, Miley does not twerk on command. In fact, she thinks she might have to retire the twerk from her repertoire (God forbid), because she doesn't want it to be the only thing that characterizes her image.

Interestingly enough, Old Man Ebro doesn't seem to take any issue (the way he did with Riff Raff) with Miley's choice of aesthetic. Perhaps he had been listening "Hannah Montana" by Migos all day, which left him in a state of unquestioning zen. Or maybe he just can't argue with her ability to twerk. In any case, Miley definitely charmed the Hot 97 staff, as she has with so many of rap's trendsetters, and hopefully attendants of Peter Rosenberg's Brooklyn birthday bash will see her twerking alongside members of the headlining Odd Future.

Her upcoming album should include more from Mike Will, but also appearances from PharrellLudacrisBig Sean, and Juicy J, to name a few.

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