When we found out that Dutch producer Martin Garrix was the guy behind the massive "Animals," we were excited. Not just because "Animals" is a huge tune (which it is), but we've been noticing a trend of really-talented young producers cropping up. We're not saying "producers 21 and under, send DAD your beats, all of you!," but with artists like Madeon and Maxum around, we feel like the future of EDM is in safe hands.

"Animals" caused quite a stir, and with Spinnin' dropping it on June 17, it was inevitable that it'd shake up the charts. Who knows of Martin was expecting it to be #1 on the main Beatport chart, but that's definitely what happened, making the seventeen-year-old Martin Garrix the youngest producer to achieve that feat. He's quoted as saying that he is "so happy…. I still can’t believe this is happening!" We believe it, though.