A few days ago, we got to see the first clips of DESTROID's long-awaited live show, and many of you were blown away. It's truly a different vibe than many shows out there, from the costumes the trio is wearing to the sound they are dropping. London Elektricity's Tony Colman knows a thing or two about transforming dance music into a live format (which we've previously shown you), and didn't mince words in describing how he envisioned their stage performance: "this perfectly encapsulates how utterly and completely shit 'EDM' is."

A few of the subsequent tweets included both Excision and KJ Sawka; surprisingly, Colman had nice things to say about KJ Sawka, but it doesn't look like he knew much about DESTROID. Maybe he considered Sawka as just the live drummer for their shows, and not an integral part of the group. Regardless, both expressed themselves properly and there's not been much recourse or response from either side on it since.

The question we have is: Does an outfit like DESTROID, in full costume and blasting huge bass music, the epitome of what makes EDM "shit?" If not, what does?