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We might not have Miami bass if not for DJ Magic Mike.  He's well into a 30-year streak of releasing records, has been in the game for longer than that, and is nothing short of a living legend.  Though he's a few years from his 50th birthday, he's still spinning records regularly, and still has a wonderful ear.

The Red Bull Music Academy invited the Do Androids Dance staff out to attend their events in New York.  I caught several shows, but sadly had to miss this one.  Nothing would have pleased me more than bumming around New York and taking in as much of this unique and wonderful music as possible, but time and finances and life just get in the way of everything good.

This is well over an hour of classics that was recorded at Manhattan's legendary Santos Party House.  If you're itching for more, you can also check out DJ Magic Mike's 2004 RBMA lecture… it's absolutely uplifting.  Our genuine thanks to Alexander for the hospitality and access to those shows we did get to attend.