After meeting a young rapper named Carnegie, Rell began working him with and his project named Silver Medallion. Working with Silver Medallion, Rell began to infuse a more electronic sound into his productions, as the group aimed to create a dance/hip-hop fusion. With Rell behind the boards, Carnegie rapping and Oren (the other half of Silver Medallion) singing and rapping, Rell began to find his stride, producing singles "Gravity," "Scottsdale," and "All I Ask." Silver Medallion kept growing in popularity and by the summer of 2010, the group had begun working on an album for Akon's Konvict label and began playing bigger concerts, ultimately opening for LMFAO; things were looking up. After reaching the career milestone, however, tragedy struck when a drunk-driving teenager killed Carnegie. "His spirit keeps me motivated and I'm sure it does the same for Oren as well, as he keeps the Silver Medallion legacy alive."