Along the way, Rell did find a modicum of success with hip-hop chasing album credits working. After some hopeful connections artists with the Ludacris co-signed Willy Northpole and the G-Unit endorsed Hot Rod, Rell's hip-hop future looked bright. "One of the records I did for his (Hot Rod's) independent album was picked up by 50 Cent." The record was supposed to be on Hot Rod's major label debut album, but it never got released. "That was my 'in' into the game. G-Unit showed me a lot of love and I learned a lot from 50 Cent himself. I met him a handful of times and each time he would literally talk knowledge. You could either sit there and think he was talking, or take it as valuable information, which I did." Unfortunately, neither rapper ever met the promise they were believed to have and Rell began to look elsewhere.