Rell’s story starts like many others, with an infectious love of music and a burning desire to create. Growing up in Virginia Beach, as early as grade school Rell was making beats. “I used to get sent to the office a lot in school for ‘distracting the class’,” he laughs, “I have permanent marks on my knuckles from doing that as a kid.” Thankfully, Rell eventually moved on from the principal’s office, going from his school desk to the Playstation game MTV Music Generator. It was there Rell got his first taste of music creation, but it was not long before he moved on to a real production program and “never looked back.” As Rell grew up he realized that he appreciated music differently than most of his peers. He ranked artists and rappers by their beat selection and production, rather than lyrics. “I’ve always loved music, like the actual music, but I’ve never known the words to songs.” It was at a 2003 50 Cent contest where Rell fully realized this difference.

While his friends all rapped together to hip-hop classics, Rell was lost for words. He knew the songs themselves, the arrangements and how it sounded, but could not rap the lyrics with his friends. “I was already programmed with that producer mind frame from the get go.” Rell was focused on the actual music side rather than the storytelling side. With that in mind, Rell continued to make beats and learn his new craft. As time passed and technology evolved, what was once a far off pipe dream became a more realistic possibility.