Before he could jump into the world of electronic dance music as a solo artist, Rell had to focus on a sound. With the Beatnox, Rell tried his hand at dubstep and electro house, exposing himself to new artists, but as a solo artist Rell settled on the natural fit, moombahton. Rell found it when he came across Munchi: "When I heard Munchi's remix of 'Firepower,' it blew my mind," adding that "I'm Panamanian. I was the first in my family born in the US, so as a kid all the way up until my freshman year in high school I went back to Panama during the summer." Moombahton made sense to Rell and it gave him away to connect with his routes in a way hip-hop hadn't previously let him. Growing up on a steady diet of reggaeton, salsa, merengue, tipico, moombahton was perfect. Rell has since re-focused his productions to a trap-bounce hybrid, but still holds the genre close to his heart.

"Well, reggaeton originated in Panama, but got popular when the sound was taken over to Puerto Rico. Moombahton is a sound that runs through my veins. The mixture of reggaeton and dutch/electro house synths is addicting. The groove, the rhythm, that bounce, that entire sequence of sound is something I grew up on as a kid. I believe moombahton will have its day when it becomes a more mainstream sound, Like anything else thats new, it takes time. I will always make and play moombahton in all of my sets, it's my first love."

Rell shares his thoughts on the future of moombahton, and the latin influence on dance music believing that it will have it's time. "Like I've always said, music is a universal language with a bit of influence from cultures around the world. As it continues to grow and production becomes more accessible to the youth, that sound will continue to grow and spread and be infused with many different influences. In countries like Panama, kids may not have the same opportunity as kids in the US so when they do get their hands on equipment or a computer to experiment and create, it'll really an exciting thing."