Rell The Soundbender had officially launched and he was on his way. Already steeped into his DJ career, Rell's former life as a hip-hop producer was never completely left behind. As things tend to in this universe, his life as a hip-hop producer came full circle when he hooked back up with Far East Movement. Passing contact information off between the two parties, Rell said they reached out to each other and kept in touch. By the time November rolled around, Rell was booked to play Blasted in LA.: "I reached out to FM to see if they were in town and we linked up. I played them 'Grimey Thirsty' and my 'Thank You' remix. Next thing you know, they had me flown back out to do work with them and 'Ain't Coming Down' was born." Since then Rell has hooked up again with them on additional releases including his West Coast rap inspired single "Inglewood" and has also signed with their management firm.