Even if Lil B's illustrious catalog of music hasn't crossed your path, it's clear the Bay Area rapper is an interesting individual with a lot to say.

While out in Japan, Lil B continued his words of wisdom as he spoke with Village Voice over Skype, and here are some interesting excerpts from that riveting conversation:

The music he listened to as a kid:
"Devo. Brandy. Stuff like that, that really hits close to home. Bone Thugz. Stuff that you hear and just want to cry. That's what made me, that's what molded me, stuff that's really important. Sometimes you're bred to do stuff. I was bred to do this."

On crying at the pet store during his music video, "I Love You":
"That pet store was a special place to me. That was a part of my childhood; that's where I spent a lot of my time. The people there were people who I'd known for years, people who'd known me since I was a little kid walking around the community. They always showed me love, let me hang out at the back counters, hold the reptiles, when they'd do Fourth of July parties they'd let me hang out, hold the reptiles, hold the snakes, give me a place to be safe at."

On the phrase, "Protect Lil B at all costs":
"I feel like I need to be protected. I have to be here to spread this love. The love that I have is one of a kind. I need to survive so the next generation of people can live with so much love and be that much better."

On his adopted cat, KeKe:
"We're always talking. I raised her since she was in my hand. We have a very strong relationship; she has a very strong relationship with one of my family members. If me and my family member are arguing or even just talking in a great way, she loves to come hang out, be a part of that."

[via Village Voice]

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