Kraftwerk are true living legends, although we imagine they wouldn't say that (that's why we're here, obvs). Kraftwerk started out in the 1970s, and their experimentation in electronic music helped influence dance music, hip-hop, and other genres. Tracks like "Trans Europe Express," "Tour de France," "Computer Love," and just their whole aesthetic has been iconic, and over their eight albums and numerous worldwide tours, this group has touched the world with electronic music.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Kraftwerk's leader Ralf Hütter confirmed what had been talked about for over a year, a ninth Kraftwerk album, with a simple "Oh yes," saying that "It's music non stop!" We imagine they don't feel any pressure to put out new music right now, and we'll go ahead and say it: The EDM crowd won't be into it. These guys are pioneers, though, and to have them still in the game, is a beautiful thing.