Kanye West's performance at Governors Ball was much anticipated and certainly lived up to the hype, with the Chicago rapper performing three new tracks off Yeezus. With the show finished, footage has surfaced of a classic rant that Kanye let off during his set. Kanye starts the rant by thanking everyone for coming out to watch him. He then starts to go off:

You know with this album, we ain't drop no single for radio. We ain't got no big NBA campaign or nothing like that. Shit, we ain't even got no cover.

So much for all the speculation surrounding the ambiguous blank CD.

Ultimately, Kanye said that he made Yeezus in an attempt to provide people with real music for the summer, radio be damned.

Honestly at this point when I listen to radio, that ain’t where I wanna be no more. Honestly at this point, I could give a fuck about selling a million records.

At this point, Yeezy has the whole world talking anyways.

[via Pigeons and Planes]

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