The Internets has been going nuts regarding regarding Kanye West's Yeezus listening party that went down last night, and from the reactions we're seeing, this sounds like Kanye really went "there" in regards to an electronic sound. Way electronic. The best part of the night has to be the above video, which shows Kanye confirming that Daft Punk has produced on "three or four" tracks from Yeezus, naming "On Site," "Black Skinhead," and "I Am A God" specifically. He goes on to mention Hudson Mohawke being a part of it (and from what we're being told, that TNGHT instrumental is a part of Yeezus), which makes sense since he's G.O.O.D. Music, and while Miss Info's stellar recap of the event has him naming "Arthur" as a collaborator, we have a feeling he actually said Arca, who some of you might know from his work with Twigs, and has dropped a pair of stellar albums for UNO, but we love him for excellent bangers like "Meditation."

If Arca is on this album? It might truly be game over.

We'll keep you posted on anything else going on with Yeezus, as it feels like this project is waaaaay more electronic than we realized. We'll leave you with a few clips of Kanye at Governors Ball, performing the afore mentioned tracks, as well as this nasty banger entitled "Sent It Up."