Back in June of 2012, Julio Bashmore gave away a free banger entitled "Troglodytes," which featured a sample of the Jimmy Castor Band's "Troglodyte (Cave Man)." Oddly enough, we're not talking about notes or whole melodies, we're talking about a bit of speech about troglodytes and cave men used as an intro and sticking point for a melodic house number.

From what DAD can gather, someone must have gotten to him about it, as the track ended up being removed from his SoundCloud and subsequent YouTube uploads. That might not have been enough, though, as earlier this week Julio posted the following formal apology regarding the situation:


Did you catch that last bit? Not only did he have to remove the track from the Internets, but he ended up having to pay both the publisher AND pay monies to a charity that the publisher would be choosing. Now this begs the question, if the track has already been officially scrubbed from his Internet sites, why would he have to, almost a year later, feel the need to post this apology letter. Will the track in its full form be getting posted at some point? Feels like there's something we're not being told...

And you wonder why we made sure to a) let you know what to do when your music is stolen and b) try to help out those who do work with sampled material. Fair play to Julio for being man enough to not only to correct the situation, but put it out there for the world to see.