Back in the days, Jay-Z used to call himself Iceberg Slim on occasion. To make a long story short, he was the coldest cat. He doesn't use the alias much anymore but he remains the coolest guy in the room. Jay rarely lets his emotions betray him. For the last few years, he always seemed like he's just loving his life, he never seems angry or upset like his pal Kanye West usually does. "I'm a tortured soul, I live in disguise," he claimed on Watch The Throne's "Welcome To The Jungle."

But in this short clip—released promotionally by Samsung as an ad for Jay's upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail—he lets his guard down while talking with producer Rick Rubin about making a song about his daughter, "Jay-Z Blue." His emotions are still subtle. He doesn't break down, but his voice cracks slightly and there's a nervous laughter that feels so un-Jay-Z like. A touching moment for a rapper who rarely, if ever, seems intimidated.

This is why Rick Rubin gets paid to sit on couches barefoot.

[via YouTube]

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