In recent years, the Internet has run rampant with rumors that Jay-Z is in the Illuminati. Mostly for reasons we don't really understand. Jay actually took the time to address the rumor on songs like Rick Ross's "Free Mason" wherein he rhymed, "Bitch I said I was amazing/Not that I'm a Mason." Still, conspiracy theorists among Complex commenters and New York City high school students are convinced that Jay is doing human sacrifices to sell records, or something. Jay had some fun with such silliness in the "On to the Next One" video. But, man, naming his album Magna Carta Holy Grail?! That is just some A+ trolling right there! Anyone who's ever read Dan Brown is gonna have a field day with this album. Oh, and did you notice that skully cap Timbaland was wearing in the TV ad had a triangle on it. You know what that means, right?