Jay-Z continues his promo for Magna Carta Holy Grail by unveiling lyrics for a song called "La Familia." It seems as though Jay uses the song as an opportunity to respond to Lil Wayne for a line Wayne said on Tha Carter IV. Jay says, "Nigga wanna kidnap wifey/Good luck with that bruh/You must gonna hide your whole family/What you think we wearing black for?" 

Back in 2011, Wayne said “I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money," on "It's Good." Wayne then went on to diss Jay again in the beginning of 2012 with a freestyle before the Grammys. Both of these shots were responses to Jay throwing a jab at Birdman on "H.A.M."

Meanwhile, both Jay and Wayne have appeared on each other's songs. Wayne made an appearance on "Hello Brooklyn" off American Gangster, while Jay made an appearance on "Mr. Carter" off Tha Carter III.

Read the rest of the lyrics below.

[via Miss Info]

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