After a year of intense speculation over the future of Insomniac Events (including a rumor that circulated back in May), today the future was announced. In an open letter posted on the Insomniac website, founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella announced that his beloved company has formed a partnership with Live Nation. Knowing that the decision would be misunderstood, misconstrued, and generally confusing for many, Mr. Rotella outlined the important details of the deal.

"The Insomniac team, lead by myself, will maintain complete creative control of all events, just as we always have, only now we will all enjoy access to a much larger and diverse variety of venues and resources. Our ticket prices will continue to be fair and reasonable given the experience we provide and we will continue to surprise you and deliver more than we advertise. Your joy, your comfort, and your safety will always be our top priority. I, and everyone at Insomniac, will continue to listen to you, communicate with you, and celebrate with you. Our headliners are the most important people in our world and the music and sense of community that brings us together will not change; we want you to be inspired every single time you attend one of our events."

Rotella added that the partnership was not about who offered the most money, and that he chose Live Nation because "their team truly respect and understand what we do and why we do it. Together we will preserve and grow the spirit of our events and our culture." Continuing to describe the partnership, Rotella clarified that Insomniac is "still a stand-alone company and that he had not sold the company. "No, I did not sell the company. This is a partnership that is designed to enhance the experience for you."

Rotella explained added "with Live Nation’s resources and their numerous venues and relationships around the world, we’ll be able to bring a bigger and better Insomniac experience to even more places. This partnership was created for you, the fans, to make your experiences better."