Album: Scooby-Doo soundtrack
: Arista
Producer: Earthtone III

At 2002, anticipation for new OutKast music was at an all-time high. Any new track from Big Boi and Andre 3000 was an event. But their contribution to the soundtrack of the first of those terrible CGI-driven Scooby-Doo movies was a massive letdown, most of all because 'Kast were compelled to write a Will Smith-style theme song for the actual characters in the movie. Their protégé Killer Mike had made a good impression the year before on "The Whole World," and would later become a respected solo artist in his own right. But it's hilariously embarrassing to watch him alongside Matthew Lillard dressed up as Shaggy in the video, rapping lines like "I'mma call Thelma to tell her to get the Mystery Machine ready/I'm two-wayin' Daphne and Freddy/Me and Shaggy dressed in all black, strapped." Meanwhile, Andre foreshadowed his declining interest in rap by contributing only a nonsensical hook, and an even more awkward bridge.