Album: Rebirth
: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown
Producer: Cool & Dre

Weezy's "rock" album, Rebirth, was always destined to be a drink coaster—as everyone knew when the butt rock anthem "Prom Queen" was released as its lead single. But even the overtly hip-hop second single, meant to reassure fans, was a flaming disaster from the "Fireman" rapper. Presumably "On Fire" was slotted on Rebirth due to the sample of Amy Holland's "She's On Fire," a cheeseball '80s rock song best known for its placement in the gangsta rap touchstone Scarface. But "On Fire" was otherwise an AutoTuned mess from the height of Wayne's sizzurp addiction, with occasional bursts of atonal noodling from Wayne's poor tortured guitar. Put it out.