Moombahton is one of those genres that is really hit-or-miss for me.  Too many bleeps kills a track for me and the same goes for too many dubstep growls.  Moombahton shouldn’t be about an aural assault, but about a sexy ass groove.  Dutch music producer Hoodie definitely gets that.  With his new track “Spanish Jibberish”, Hoodie lets the rhythms take center stage with horn stabs accenting the build before a winding, yet hard-hitting riff takes you right to the middle of the sweatiest, hottest, dancefloor this side of Santo Domingo. With this moombahton track Hoodie most definitely keeps the genre’s Latin flavors in play, but at the same time doesn’t let them overstay their welcome.  Instead Hoodie keeps those influences rather understated save for a few well timed vocal samples.