Where are our Game of Thrones buffs out there? Any of you fans of Hodor, the House Stark servant who can only utter "hodor?" On our regular Internets journey, we saw that the Tumblr nation stumbled upon a two-year-old interview with actor Kristian Nairn, who has portrayed Hodor during the last three seasons of Game of Thrones, where he mentioned that he's a DJ.

That's right, Hodor is a DJ.


He's held down a residency at Belfast's Kremlin for the last 11 years, spinning house to the masses. He's also performed alongside acts like the Scissor Sisters, Calvin Harris, and Mylo, as well as hitting a number of festivals around the world. Check out this mix from June of 2010, which marked the first time Nairn had used Traktor:

He's not just a DJ, though; he's apparently also produced, having remixes that have been dropped by Grant Nelson and the Freemasons. We couldn't find much in the way of his actual productions, but here is a remix of a track by Mark Scott and Simon Alexander:

We're not sure what Nairn plans on doing with his career as a DJ, but Game of Thrones is white hot right now, and it's definitely awesome to see the stars of the show actually having lives and prospering outside of these characters we know them for.

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