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Date: 5/22/2013

Tim Dog is widely known for helping to launch the East Coast/West Coast beef, thanks to his song "Fuck Compton." Tim Dog also reportedly died of complications from diabetes in May. Fans mourned. But then things got weird. The funeral was canceled. No death certificate or autopsy existed. The original report of his death on The Source's website was removed or changed or whatever the original author wants us to believe.

Classically handsome journalist Drew Millard channeled his inner-Columbo and attempted to track down Tim Dog, speaking with multiple women that The Dog conned out of thousands upon thousands of dollars. The further down the rabbit hole you go the stranger this entire story becomes. Tim Dog's tale of deceit even includes a European tour of African-American male strippers.

Eventually, police opened an investigation to look into Tim Dog faking his own death, even going so far as to have a warrant issued for a believed-to-be dead person. Someone even called Tim Dog's phone, and (possibly, maybe) Tim Dog answered. Where is Tim Dog? Heaven? Purgatory? Mississippi?

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