Sydney-based Future Classic has become one of the finest taste-making outlets to spring up as of late. They recently uploaded Hayden James’ forthcoming single “Permission To Love,” and we’re taking them up on their offer: We love it. Hayden James arrives to DoAndroidsDance with this bonafide summer tune. With the kind of inviting vocals you’d expect from a heartthrob boy band singer and funky little guitar bits to leave us wanting more to, James exemplifies his creative flair by building upon that to create a disco-infused futuristic poolside delight. The track’s graceful flow and throwback vibes make this the kind of track that you can play at your beach parties and guarantee that sparks will fly and everyone will go home happy. A lightness and playfulness like that of a summer fling, Hayden James’ “Permission To Love” has enough substance to it that makes you think that you could’ve found the real thing. A groove slow enough to dance to for even the most novice, there’s something about this that makes it classic dance.