You might remember Bernie Madoff for being the ultimate white collar criminal; the disgraced investor made headlines across the country when he was convicted of orchestrating a Ponzi scheme that turned out to be the biggest case of financial fraud in the history of the United States. Bernie is currently on year four of 150 that he will spend behind bars for losing billions of dollars for his clients.

Well, apparently a man claiming to be his nephew, Stuart Madoff, is a rapper. And he's released a hazy, mournful cry to free his uncle, entitled "In God's Hands (Free Uncle Bernie)." Weirdly, the way he ghosts his words give us the faint echo of French Montana. Surely, hip-hop has just been waiting for this moment: the avalanche of privileged psuedo-famous clowns who think they can kickstart careers shows no sign of letting up.

Our take is that it doesn't nearly measure up to the brilliant "Move It Like Bernie," which is not about Madoff moving around millions, but rather plays on '80s comedy Weekend at Bernies

Free Lil Boosie and Max B. Bernie Madoff, though?

[via Uproxx]

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