Solomun has taken English indie rock band Foals' latest single "Late Night" and given it a fresh spin. The original is the third single on Foals' upcoming third studio album Holy Fire, while Solomun's remix has no set release date announced.  Letting the original's emotive, blues-y vocals take center stage, Solomun has laid out a house groove fitting it for dancefloors this summer.  Solomun keeps the eerie vibe while also soaking it in an electronic soup, using analog synths to emphasize the bass line and add his own leads.  Solomun's use of analog synthesizers gives the track a full-bodied warmth, yet his leads retain a coldness to it, giving the track an overall mystical feeling.  The track's vocals and musical themes also reminds me of Edward Munch's famous painting "The Scream" and it's this sort of full concept that makes this track an absolute gem.  If you have no soul, you can probably just skip this.  This one is for the tender folk.

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