Judge Jules has been an enigma in the dance music scene for some time. He's been at it since 1987, and has seen his craft grow from being a DJ on the (then) pirate Kiss FM station to running a long-standing program on BBC Radio 1 from 1997 to 2012, helping break a plethora of tracks to the UK audience, and beyond. He's a producer that's currently signed to Paul van Dyk's VANDIT imprint, producing two albums and a number of singles under varying aliases. He's done mix compilations for Journesy By DJ, Mixmag, and Ministry of Sound, and it's his most recent contribution to the mixed disc scene that brings him to DAD.

This week's Five Tracks will operate a bit differently; as you should know, Judge Jules has been a resident at The Gallery club night for years. The Gallery, which now calls Ministry of Sound home, is celebrating its 18 years of dominance with a special three-disc mixed compilation, with Simon Patterson, Gavyn Mytchel, and Jules each bringing their own special mix to the table. Jules selected five tracks from his special set, breaking down what these tunes meant to him, as well as how they murdered the dancefloor. A trance lover's dream today!