It was just yesterday that news broke about Erick Morillo being removed from the stage 45 minutes into his set on June 8 in Massachusetts, and it looks like the wave of news on this situation has prompted Erick (or someone in his camp) to release the following statement on his health, via Facebook:

There comes a time when the body just can’t keep up with the hectic schedule and sleepless nights. Having pushed my body to the limits for many years, the time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being. I plan on returning stronger then ever to my passion of playing music and seeing you dancing on my dance floor. Until then, I like to thank all my fans for your enduring love and support! Hope to see you soon. Erick Morillo

As Your EDM detailed, Erick's gone through a number of situations over the years involving drugs, yet while many can assume that's the situation, we'd rather not point fingers or the blame. Erick, just get well for yourself, your friends, family, and fans.