DAD didn't attend Governor's Ball this year, but we did speak to a number of friends and associates who came home with muddy feet and exhausting stories of, well, trying to see their favorite acts while standing on muddy land. The conditions of Randall's Island, the site of Governor's Ball and many other festivals (including Electric Zoo, which kicks off on August 30), forced the Backyard Festival to cancel its planned July 13 extravaganza, but a note today from Electric Zoo let us know that their festival will go on as planned:

Word is that Lollapalooza ponied up $350,000 for a 45-minute rain storm that hit Chicago's Grant Park in 2012, so just imagine what Governor's Ball will have to do for the repairs over at Randall's Island. Here's hoping that there is nothing but beautiful weather for Electric Zoo This August.

(I Love Free Concerts)