Everyone loves the Bay Area slanguist E-40, and none moreso than the staff of Complex. We were ecstatic to discover that the rapper's dropping not one, not two, but three albums this year: Block Brochure parts 3, 4, and 5, all sequels to the rapper's initial Block Brochure offering.

But a funny thing happened when we saw the above cover art: We noticed that E-40 actually uses the glasses he wears a surprisingly small percentage of the time, preferring to look over, around, or occasionally under the lenses, as if he were giving you a particularly stern, soul-piercing look, like the school librarian asking for the fine from an overdue book.

It's especially ironic since having glasses is for herbs and nerds, yet E-40 retains his four-eyes visage despite strides made in the realms of Lasic and soft contacts. But hey, who are we to judge? Here are 25 Pictures of E-40 Peering Over, Rather Than Through, His Reading Glasses.

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