We've covered the darker side of this business, and it's been disheartening. in the past few months, we've seen a ridiculous amount of drama. araabMUZIK getting shot in his own neighborhood. Traxman getting robbed and shot in his own neighborhood. Blue Sky Black Death finding their apartment robbed. HPNTK getting shot in front of the club where he had a weekly residency. Dyro getting kicked in the face at his own show. MUST DIE! getting beat up so bad that he had to be hospitalized (which went unreported).  And now A report from FACT that DJ Nate getting robbed for his belt and watch in Chicago.

The individual that uploaded this video has a string of Chicago fight clips, calls himself "Chiraq" (the city's new nickname, coined to match it's reputation for violence), and has several ripped Worldstar videos (including GBE's Lil' Reese repeatedly punching a defenseless female while other guys watch, and a Chief Keef schoolyard fight). We've seen a string of violent acts involving musicians in the past few months, and I have one thing to say about it. Stop. Fucking stop it.

I landed in electronic music when it was underground. When it was the weird thing to be listening to. Before you could go to festivals with tens of thousands of people or upload your music to anybody that has the internet. But the culture was truly a fun, carefree, and loving one. This is a kid that produced juke for years and has been M.I.A. since 2010.  Planet Mu offered 25 tracks of his a few years ago.  He's not the type you expect something like this to happen to.

This article and posting of this video has nothing to do with clicks. Someone got embarrassed, physically violated, and had his personal items stolen from him. This wasn't a fair fight. DJ Nate was hit with a suckerpunch. There were people standing around him, and they didn't do anything about it. His assailant made his getaway on a bicycle. And this whole video looks like a setup. I hope someone in Chicago sees this and an arrest is made. There's nothing cool or redeeming about this kind of activity. At all. It hurts even more when this senseless violence touches a young black man that has spent the majority of his career making music that is way left of what's popular.