DJ Khaled announced on MTV that Suffering From Success will drop on Sept. 24. He says the title alone should tell fans how powerful the album is.

He spoke about his latest single, "No New Friends" too. "My first single, 'No New Friends,' should tell you I'm not playing," Khaled said. "Consider 'No New Friends' No. 1 already; that's in the can. That's going No. 1. That's gone. That's going to sell over a million, too easy; that's what we do."

"What I do, nobody can do," Khaled said, comparing himself to no one in particular, before he remarked on how he grew from a disc jock to owning his own record label. "People gotta understand what I do. I'm a mogul. I'm an executive. I'm a DJ. I'm an artist. I'm an entrepreneur, and We the Best Music is not just a label."

So, is he suffering or is he celebrating his success? We'll just have to wait until Sept. 24 to see.

[via MTV]

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