DGainz has become famous for his directing prowess thanks to the emergence of Chicago's new rap scene. He has done some of the biggest videos of the last year, including Chief Keef's "Love Sosa." But DGainz is not just a director; he is also a rapper.

Complex premiers DGainz's latest video, a track called "Me Against The World." Gainz raps with passion and flair on this song. It has elements of Chicago's signature "drill" sound, but he is more reflective than Chief Keef or King Louie. "This ain't what life's supposed to be/I'm bugging out while you're watching me," Gainz says. The video is a tribute to Trayvon Martin and the other lives that have been lost to senseless violence.

Taking the song over the top is the hook from Max-A-Million, known for songs such as "Fat Boy," which charted back in the 90s. The reggae element is executed well and adds a unique flavor to the song.

DGainz has launched a new record label, Distinguished Gorillaz. Look out for more music from him soon.

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