Chief Keef just dropped the video for "Hobby" from his upcoming tape Almighty Sosa. The song features one of Zaytoven's most incredible beats to date. Zay's earlier work often had a choppy feel, as simple little nursery-rhyme keyboard loops cycled in and out like clockwork. His more recent material has become more musically intricate, with carefully interlaced melodic lines. But "Hobby" has a completely new feel in his discography, as he takes a typical Zay beat and adds unsteady synthesizer tones that seem to slosh around, slowing in tempo and rising again unpredictably. It's an intoxicating feeling.

Keef is in his halfway-unintelligeable zone, but seems less inspired here than on, say, "Macaroni Time" or "First Day Out," letting the beat do the legwork for him. He should keep an eye on the competition, though; he's not the only rapper working this vein of slurred, mushmouthed post-Gucci Mane rap music. A few examples of artists mining this particular creative vein:

Rapper: Young Thug
Signature Incomprehensible Jam: "Haiti Slang"
Rapper Young Thug joined Keef, Rich Homie Quan, Peewee Longway and Young Scooter to save Gucci Mane's otherwise-underwhelming Trap House 3 by providing a surfeit of new musical ideas to an otherwise tired-sounding vet. Thug's best contribution to the "WTF did he say"-canon is "Haiti Slang," from the still-underrated I Came From Nothing Vol. 2

Rapper: Young Gleesh
Signature Incomprehensible Jam:
This Fat Trel-affiliated DMV rapper also worked with Zaytoven, the go-to producer for rapping in borderline-gibberish code. Zay's track on "Lazyness" is especially nursery rhyme-esque; the song's concept also serves as a convenient statement of purpose for the entire movement.

Rapper: ZMoney
Signature Incomprehensible Jam:
ZMoney is from Chicago's West Side, and his song "Regular" is in the Gucci vein of building an entire song around a single word. Although he's had some similar songs in the carelessly cryptic rap style, "Regular" captures his insouciant effortlessness best.

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