Album: Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival of the Fittest
Producer: Mouse On Tha Track
Label: Trill Entertainment/Asylum Records/Atlantic Records

Lil Boosie is, by some distance, the most popular and significant southern rapper of the past decade who never really had a major solo hit, whose official albums and singles trailed the popularity of his mixtapes and regional anthems. There are plenty of theories and explanations for that, including the legal troubles that have plagued his career and are unlikely to stop anytime soon (free Boosie!), but one factor is that radio-ready hooks were not where his greatest talents lie. So his best known tracks were often the ones were someone else already had a killer hook laid down, such as the hit remix to Trill Ent. labelmate Foxx's "Wipe Me Down," with its unforgettable "shoulders, chest, pants, shoes" refrain.