Album: Cruel Summer
Producer: Lifted, Mike Dean, Mike WiLL Made It, Kanye West, Hudson Mohawke, Phines West
Label: GOOD Music/Def Jam

Many times, Kanye West has stitched together radio gold from disparate sample sources, but he's never created a hook with quite the same bizarre alchemy as last year's chart-topping G.O.O.D. Music posse cut. The track's chorus is comprised of two wildly different vocal samples: first, a few slowed down bars from the otherwise fairly unknown rapper YB's 2011 track "Lambo"—and not even consecutive lines, as the "Mercy" edit mercifully passes over the "Yeah my name is James/ but with these hoes I am not worthy" howler that occurs between the more famous couplets. Then, the disembodied voice of dancehall toaster Fuzzy Jones pipes in, speaking of "a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth" in barely comprehensible patois, making for one of the darkest and most addictively surreal summer jams in recent memory.