Album: Nothing Was The Same
Producer: Sampha & 40
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Republic

When Drake’s unleashed his flurry of new songs in the middle of the night over the weekend (because Drake hates letting bloggers get some sleep, obviously) most of the chatter was around the fact that he'd hopped on the remix of Migos’s “Versace.” Which makes sense since Drake hopping on a relatively unknown rap group’s remix was unexpected. But the strongest cut in the bunch was “The Motion.”

In many ways, it’s typical Drake: Woe is me because I’m famous and rappers only call me to make them hot and Rihanna doesn’t love me. We know, we know, it isn’t easy being Drake. Still, the song delivers on all fronts. “I just that’s just the motion” is another clever turn of phrase that can fit into any situation and Drake does more with less, dropping two 12 bar verses and calling it a day. Drake continues to mix rapping and singing more fluidly than ever before as his style continues to evolve into an interesting hybrid that isn’t quite rap or R&B, —but very effective all the same. —Insanul Ahmed