Age: 29
Label: Freebandz/A1/Epic
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Active Since: 2009
Latest Release: Black Woodstock
Recent Single: "Karate Chop" f/ Lil Wayne
Hit after hit after hit: "Tony Montana,” “Same Damn Time,” “Magic,” "Turn On The Lights,” "Karate Chop.” A year since Future dropped his first album, Pluto, the ATLien rapper/singer shows no signs of letting up. From his own material, to guest spots, whether crooning the chorus on Rihanna's "Loveeeeeeee Song," barking the hook for Ace Hood’s “Bugatti,” or spitting a verse with Wayne on "Karate Chop”—everything that Future has touched has turned gold.

On recent mixtapes like F.B.G.: The Movie he’s featured a growing army of artists who emulate his sound—seems like he might be setting up a sing-songy, Autotuned empire. We've been salivating over the prospects of his second album, Future Hendrix, for months—wondering if he’s going to be able to keep his hot streak going. Will he change direction? Push himself more towards rap, or R&B? Or continue to blur boundaries. Plus we really want to see the album artwork. —Lauren Nostro

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