After the big drum & bass boom, there were a plethora of imprints that ended up being laid to pasture. While some great imprints were lost, the majority of them fizzled due to lack of originality. There was just too many imprints trying to cash in on popular sounds while neglecting what made dnb so powerful: originality. Flexout Audio is one of the labels that rose from the ashes and has forged ahead. Two years strong, Flexout is built on providing an outlet for the producers many might sleep on, and we're loving that Retraflex, aka the duo who runs Flexout, has finally given us an epic album-length project, Logarithmic.

On Logarithmic, we get treated to sounds from artists we've been following, like Need For Mirrors, Philth, Chromatic, and Facing Jinx, as well as bits from Hyroglifics, nScape, Trex, Soligen, and others who we're glad to finally get some tunes from. Instead of a regular question and answer bit about the project, or giving our own fanciful viewpoints on the album, we wanted to get right to the source. Tom Retraflex was happy to oblige, giving us the scoop on the 24-track project from top to bottom. You can purchase the album now, but make sure you preview these tunes and get the scoop about what was chosen, why it was placed after certain tracks, and so much more. Here's Tom breaking down what has to be a courageous moment in a label's existence: their first album.