Shackles is one of those guys that seems to just sit home and makes absolutely incredible records every chance he gets. He doesn't bother me with anything else. And I kind of like it that way. I've been honed in on him for the past few months, and he's quietly releasing some of the deepest trap tracks out. Where some would just aim for a minimal style by pulling sounds out of a record, he actually BUILDS these records to chill you out. And I'm trying to figure out why other sites aren't clamoring for his tunes.  We've certainly covered a couple of records from him (click the link to his name, silly), and I wanted to cover some of the tunes we've missed out on.

You should also know that he's giving out a TON of his work for free. I did the leg work for all of you, and decided to give you a handful of some of my favorites. His soundcloud bio says pretty much all you need to know. He's from the UK and he makes bass music. And that's everything that he cares to share.  All of the tracks below are downloadable. Some require clicking the 'buy' link and liking his page, and some are direct downloads.  But they're all easy to get and super free.  Share this page around to anyone that you think might appreciate a different side of trap music.