If you peep DJ Khaled's Instagram, you'll learn a few things. The first thing you'll learn is that DJ Khaled is suffering from a whole lot of success, so much so that bubble baths barely help him cope with his suffering. Oh the agony!

But you'll also learn that DJ Khaled loves stroking his chin. Why? We're not sure, but we'd guess it's because like The Thinker, Khaled has deep thoughts about how to make people kiss his ring, alleviate his success, be the best forever. He's in deep concentration because he's no comedian. Maybe Khaled is just a philosophy major trapped in the body of a famous DJ. But who are we to knock him? If Birdman has his handrub, why can't Khaled have his chin rub?

Here's 52 Pictures of DJ Khaled Stroking His Chin.

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