We've already looked at how the mothers of you ravers out there reacted to EDM, but now, it's dad's turn. We're living in a time where people are comparing the dance music scene of today to the hippie scene of years gone by, and you know dear old dad was out there in the mud, swaying to the (now classic) rock sounds pumping through huge speakers set up in the middle of a field. Now, is your pops dissing you for doing practically the same thing, or is he sympathizing... or better yet, jamming out to the latest bangers right alongside you?

We're not saying we want all of your fathers to be like Coachella Rave Dad, but we also don't want him to bug out on you for your taste in music. Although if your dad IS bugging out on you for your love of EDM, maybe Father's Day is the day you turn the speakers down and let him live... or you make him a special mix of the latest drumstep and trap. Your call. Let us know which category your father fits in!