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If dance music is the music of the youth, you have to take stock in what the youth are listening to if you want to see how the scene will progress. In America, trap has a stranglehold on many EDM lovers, and in the UK (as it has been for a while now), grime seems to hold that same place. It could be that it's a spastic cousin to dubstep, with hyper synths and strigns weaving around huge drums and rapid-fire MC chatter. It could be that grime still hasn't found a way to stay within the mainstream, so it maintains an underground presence. It's a genre that's not going anywhere anytime soon... for good or ill.

Grime and trap have intertwined as of late, with U.S. imprints like Slit Jockey and Hot Mom USA signing artists and tracks that play well within the bass music pool. Even more known artists like Danny Brown have expressed appreciation for grime, signing instrumentals from grime producers for his forthcoming album, Old. And with grime artists being influenced by the same producers that influence the trap scene in EDM, it makes sense that you should at least become familiar with 13 of grime's rising stars.

DAD wants to should out DJ Cable and Spooky, who helped contribute to this list.