In January, Zedd added another notch to his belt by being the first EDM artist to perform live on Late Show with David Letterman. We loved it, possibly more for what it represented to the rise of EDM on the whole, but we have read that many felt his performance was a bit anti-everything when it came to "what EDM represents" (whatever the fuck that means) by performing an accoustic version of "Clarity" with Foxes and Alvin Risk. Since then, we've not heard anything about new EDM acts being brought on, which isn't surprising, but if these late-night wars are going to heat up, now is the time for Letterman and the other hosts to get some dance music acts booked. DAD figured we would take some of the guesswork out, and provide Letterman with a batch of acts that could both bring in the views as well as provide a stellar performance that would better represent what their sound is about.