BJ The Chicago Kid: "TDE has been family from day one. I met them through some other rap friends in L.A. They called me to the stu. This was before anybody ever knew what TDE stands for. This was even before the ‘HiiiPower’ movement. We became fam from the gate.

"I love how they rhyme. I loved the creative vibe over there. It was more than one person trying to write this song. It was like, ‘Help, let’s get this shit together.’ And nobody was being stingy. You could tell it was a family-oriented place. Me being an R&B artist, I’m not a part of Maybach Music, so it’s not like me and four or five guys all the time.

"So for me to see that family environment, I honored that, I respected that. Shit, I’m a part of TDE on the low. We family. They a part of what I do, I’m a part of what they do. Like, I could call Top just like he could call Kendrick. It’s really that serious. It’s no limits with us.

"Someone asked me in an interview earlier, ‘Were you mad that you didn’t make the good kid m.A.A.d. city album?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ We did four records for it, and all of them were bangers it just probably didn’t fit for them on that album. Me making albums, I have to understand that instantly, though. Cause there’s people that was on Pineapple that didn't make it because I had to be disciplined with that sound in order for people to actually understand it the way I wanted them to.

"No matter how much I love this track, no matter how much it bang, no matter how good the 808s sound, somebody would be like, ‘Mmm, that one song…’ or they’d be like, ‘Something about it ain’t right.’ But I wouldn’t want to cause that feeling. So staying disciplined to that feeling and that emotion musically, I feel like is what that was. And I respect it.

"And, two, if you really think about it, if y’all loved good kid m.A.A.d. city,  and what I did for it didn’t make it, my shit got to be coming next, to be bigger. If we only making better music and putting out music better tomorrow than we did today, obviously the shit must be better than good kid, in my eyes.

"I’m sure them records are going to come out. I got another two in the cut from before then. So me and Kendrick at least got over a half an album worth of music. But he’s building his brand, I’m building mine. Even the world can understand if we ever actually decide to put out an album together, it can be an equal balance."