BJ The Chicago Kid: "Tommy Sims is probably one of this generation’s greatest writers, after Stevie Wonder. He’s a very low-key guy. But him, Tony Rich, Harold Lilly is an incredible Grammy Award-winning songwriter. He’s like a brother of mine. Harold Lilly is a huge part of why I am becoming who I am becoming. Not why I am who I am, cause I’m still morphing. If mothafuckers think I’m a beast now, wait til the morph stops. [Laughs.] Cause honestly, I want to keep growing in this thing. I thirst to be better. 

"Mary Mary are incredible songwriters. Love songs, not just gospel. Those girls are lyricists. They really writer incredible songs. Before the world knew them as Mary Mary, they were two songwriters that wrote incredible records for a little bit of everybody in the industry. Rico Love is a dope songwriter and he's a good homie of mine.

"Ryan Lovett. My brother Aaron Sledge. Syleena Johnson. Asaleana Elliott from Chicago. Ms. Elliot is one of the illest female vocalists I know period. She’s an incredible songwriter. She’s from Chicago, she’s buzzing. Her and my brother Aaron did ‘Stay’ for Tyrese, which pretty much got him going to the Grammy’s this year. These are people I grew up with.

"[Babyface] really understood simple but effective songwriting. Babyface wasn’t the best singer, but the way he wrote those songs, he knew how to captivate his audience. If you weren't interested, you weren't interested. But what he did, he did it incredibly well. He taught me that simplicity means the world. It carries the weight of the world."