BJ The Chicago Kid: "We’re planning on releasing it this year, but we’re still working on it. And being very hands on, that can change. We’re definitely looking at a release this year. Tomorrow I’m going right back in on the project. I’ve been inspired on this trip so much I can’t wait to actually sit down and spread the papers on the desk and incorporate this new inspiration into what we’ve been doing.

"We’re going to pick up where we left off with Pineapple, for sure. But it’s another journey. It’s going to be just enough to remind you of where we came from. This is the widespread album that Pineapple formed from, the songs that didn’t make this one. So this is the main movie.

"It was a blessing to even have the support of people clicking ‘buy’ instead of ‘download’ for this one. I didn’t want to test my big album, the big baby, for the first time somebody clicking ‘buy,’ that’s a huge gamble. It was just a blessing that those songs fit in the right way. I was living life at the time and I was able to incorporate all of that together to create Pineapple.

"Maybe two songs were created with the producer. Everything else, they sent me the beats. So whatever producers were on there, we were all in the same planet at one time. When I got it, it was right what I needed. Like Brody Brown, Jairus Mozee, Daedae, those three guys will forever know where I am musically if we don’t see each other for three months. If I’m like, 'Yo I’m working on some shit.’ ‘Alright I’ma send you some shit.’ I bet you if they send me five beats, at least three or four of them going to be where I’m at. [Whispers] They always know.

"But what we can’t answer is what tells you enough to keep working with them forever. That’s all I need to know to keep working forever."