BJ The Chicago Kid: "My first R&B placement was Dave Hollister, Things in the Game Done Changed Up, a song called ‘For You’ in 2001, maybe. I wrote all of the lyrics. Daedae, who produces a lot of stuff for me now, Daedae’s brother produced that record. So I worked with my homie’s big brother then.

"It’s crazy how life makes so much sense later. I think that’s the best part about life, you don’t know how it’s going to pan out, you just got to be strong through it all to see the beautiful end of it and work your ass off to earn it. And I enjoy the blind side of that.

"It took me actually living life to meeting Kevin Randolph. Next you know he’s the same guy that got me to L.A. moving with a job, working with Mary Mary. From then it was a wrap. I had a choice to move to L.A. or New York.

"I didn’t know a lot of people in New York that could really put me in the proper networking circles where I could move quick enough. I knew so many people in L.A. and they were wide spread, so that gives me a lot of territory. If I connect with each one of those people, I connect the dots. That’s what I ended up doing.

"I’m learning to do all the work you can do, so you don’t feel bad letting go to enjoy it. Versus, ‘Fuck I forgot to—If I just put into that extra time.’ Nah fuck that, do all that shit. Because, on this album, I got to bring it all. Like I’m bringing back songs I did four years ago and listening to them again with another ear. Like should we redo the production? Lyrics is cold.

"You get one shot. Em was not lying. You really got one shot and a lot of people still waiting on that one shot when it’s passed. So I thank God I got the opportunity, I’m going to just make the best of mine."