BJ The Chicago Kid: "My dad worked at Ethicon, a branch under Johnson & Johnson, they make stitches. So he did that in the daytime and he was a bouncer at night. He [was a bouncer] at everything from the Bulls championship rallies to the gospel fest, the blues fest, the taste of Chicago, down to the Cotton Club to Sweet Georgia Brown’s. The list goes on.

"My dad helped me understand songwriting because of him playing Babyface a lot. I don’t even know if my dad realized that him just being him, him just living his life, loving what he loved, poured more into me than anybody ever would know.

"I remember seeing the Black Cat tour with Janet Jackson as a kid. They were wheeling a cage out on stage and there’s a black panther in there! I’m like a kid in the photographers pit like, ‘Woah.' She’s beautiful and I’m seeing a real live fucking cat. That’s because of my dad doing his job, not knowing that his son would later be signed to Motown Records and do the same thing. So they were instilling and pouring into my soul the whole time.

"The experience, it poured into [me] a huge quest what I could create and contribute to the game more than wanting to be a part of it. I wasn’t one of the guys that saw the music video and said, ‘I want to do that.’ I was one of the guys who saw the music video and was like, ‘I want to sing that. I love that song.’ Image-wise, it’s going to be who I naturally am, so that comes in time. But let’s start with this song to make a video. There’s no good music, there’s no meeting, there is no video. It starts with the music."